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We do not show any prices on our web site. This is Amazon’s recommended policy for web site listings to ensure that any purchase information you see stays accurate and up to date. When you click through to Amazon you will see the current price and availability.

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About Free Shipping by Amazon

FREE Delivery is available if you’re ordering eligible items for delivery within the UK or Republic of Ireland.

Deliveries to the UK

Orders including £10 or more of eligible books, dispatched by Amazon, qualify for FREE Delivery. All orders of £20 or more of eligible items, dispatched by Amazon, across any product category also qualify for FREE Delivery. With FREE Delivery, your order will be delivered 3-5 business days after all of your items are available to be dispatched, including pre-order items.

Add at least £10 of books dispatched by Amazon (in which case all other eligible items dispatched by Amazon in the order will also be delivered for free), or at least £20 of all other eligible items dispatched by Amazon to your Shopping Basket. Any item with “FREE Delivery” messaging on the product detail page that is dispatched by Amazon is eligible and contributes to your free delivery order minimum. Items sold and fulfilled by Marketplace Sellers do not contribute to your free delivery order minimum. (source:

Deliveries to the Republic of Ireland

For customers in the Republic of Ireland, orders including £20 or more (including local VAT) of eligible items, dispatched by Amazon, from any product category qualify for FREE Delivery. (source: